Lela Migirov is a Professor of Otolaryngology and a world renowned ear surgeon. She started painting during her sabbatical in Paris in 2011 and since than she learned painting in the Werzberger College of Arts and Crafts, Paris College of Art, Tel Aviv Artists House and various studios in Paris. Lela's paintings are in private collections in Israel, Germany, France, Russia, USA. The book "Paris, eclairs & vous" is in the collection of Kandinsky Library in the Pompidou Center in Paris. The books are available also in the private setting (contact Lela Migirov)

Part of Lela's art-works follow the n'empotrequoitisme, a new artistic trend that was born in Paris.

*The painting "Kafka. Poet" is a part of a permanent exhibition in the European Art Museum in Denmark


  • 2019 International Prize of Velasquez
  • Permanent exhibition in Concept Store Gallery
  • 2017 Diploma of Business Art Fare, Espace Nesle, Paris
  • 2018 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci-The Universal Artist
  • 2018 International Prize of Nations tribute to Tiziano
  • 2018 International Prize of Rafaello
  • 2018 International Prize of Giulio Cesare
  • 2018 International Prize of Caravaggio


Lela is between The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2018 (see in "Press").


Lela is a member in following professional associations

  • L’Académie Européenne des Arts France (AEAF)
  • IMPACT, Professional Visual Artists Association, Israel
  • Painters and Sculptors Association – Givataym-Ramat Gan, Israel

In June 2017, Lela presented more than 30 art-works in an outstanding personal exhiition in the Galeiie du colombier (Paris).


Suddenly Angels /intermezzo is an exhibition of new works and a series of paintings inspired by Frantz Kafka. The paintings are centered in Migirov’s ability to empathize, explore and internalize the depths and humanity of Kafka’s always challenging moral dilemmas. Her paintings are expressions of herself, striking images that are reflections of Kafka themes, rather than illustrations. Her talent lies in her freedom to think, and her ability to express herself without mannerism or guises. She is imbued with passion, honesty and love of mankind. She brings to her work a poetic innocence that is genuine and compassionate. Lovers and angels, are part of another series of works in this exhibition, while still reflective of Kafka, we encounter a more personal and intimate body of works. The layers of textures and minimalistic palette remain, as does her intuitive sense of composition. Lela Migirov has mastered one of the most difficult medical sciences, and with the same totality she is mastering her creative talent, challenging her mind and soul, committed and inspired, she is an artist. 

Johanan Herson

During the painting my senses are troubled and the desire for freedom at these moments becomes the core of the creation which is directed with no predetermined direction. I approach the canvas with vigor and imagination that express my mood at the moment of creation, at times tempestuous and at times subtle. To me, every creation is an endless melody, a light, a movement of spirit and a storm of emotions conjuring up captivating colors. Thus, I do not limit myself to a particular style of painting or to a unique technique. I invite you to explore your subconscious in a fantastic journey into the world of dreams, suggestions, emotions, magical strengths, mystery and expressive power.

Lela Migirov