Lela Migirov is a Professor of Otolaryngology and a world renowned ear surgeon. She started painting during her sabbatical in Paris in 2011 and since than she learned painting in the Werzberger College of Arts and Crafts, Paris College of Art, Tel Aviv Artists House and various studios in Paris. Lela's paintings are in private collections in Israel, Germany, France, Russia, USA. The book "Paris, eclairs & vous" is in the collection of Kandinsky Library in the Pompidou Center in Paris. The books are available in the private setting (contact Lela Migirov)
Lela is a member of L’Académie Européenne des Arts France (AEAF), her art-works are permanently presented in Concept Store Gallery in Paris. 
Lela is between The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2018, 2019 and 2021 and Current Masters 2021 (see in "Press").

The paintings of Lela are presented permanently in the European Art Museum (Denmark), Museum of Art of St Petersburg 20-21 centuries, Franz Kafka Society(Prague).


  • 2020 Second Prize in  Biennale des Artistes du 6e, Paris
  • 2020 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci, New York City International Prize
  • 2019 International Prize of Velasquez; International Prize of Botticelli
  • Artist of the year 2019
  • 2018 International Prize Leonardo da Vinci-The Universal Artist; International Prize of Nations tribute to Tiziano; International Prize of Rafaello; International Prize of Giulio Cesare; International Prize of Caravaggio

The art of Lela is a fantastic journey into the world of dreams, suggestions, emotions, magical strengths, mystery and expressive power.

Lela Migirov representing existentialist figuration in her creations.