Paris, Eclairs & Vous

Lela Migirov's book is an artist's dreamy expression of the finest French confection's and tour guide of the best patisseries of Paris. Paris, Eclairs & Vous is an impressionistic blend of visions and details about the creation of French pastry that can also serve as a proud addition to your coffee table book collection. Prof. Migirov painted and photographed the art that accompanies the mouth watering travels between Eclairs and Fraisiers, walking us from one delicatesse-filled patisserie to the next. She provides addresses and contact information of her favorite parisian spots so you too can taste the divine pastries she describes and depicts in her book. Lela Migirov is a Professor of Otolaryngology and well-known ear surgeon as well as artist and photographer, whose passion for French pastry created this visual and sensation-filled delight which is an actual guidebook to the haut patisserie parisienne. She divides her time between the City of Lights and Tel Aviv.

Kim Ben Porat

Paintings from the book Paris, Eclairs & Vous