Change paradigm

In a chaotic and hectic society where everything is now too fast and extremely immediate, people lost the peace, balance, link to the harmony and find solitude often touching madness.
Some of them have the nature of soaring dust and unable to stand any chains. They soon begin to shake their fetters with insane force and to throw the walls, the chains   and themselves around the world.
Chuang Tzu said: "If you can empty your own boat crossing the river of the world…Such is the perfect man: His boat is empty.”
It seems that when we perceive the world through new technologies, part of the reality is lost, the one that pulsates under the surface of things. The concept of depth disappears, something dissolves, leaves, and everything becomes more chaotic, flowing, artificial, and synthetic.  We carry everything in ourselves, in our hearts and our heads, and to find harmony we need love, dreams and changing the paradigms from time to time.